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India Xiaomi Going All-In while Investing Another $500 Million After $500 Million

Xiaomi has become a household name in many markets throughout the world while other markets have yet to hear of them. In India, Xiaomi has been a presence for the past two years and have thought of the country so highly they have already invested...

By Scott Baxter on Apr 2nd, 2017
Samsung Smartphone Lease Program for US Consumers Expected to Launch Late 2016

Following the footsteps of Apple, it seems like Samsung is looking into launching their own smartphone lease program before the end of the year. Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program has become very successful in a very short time offering consumers...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 21st, 2015
Facebook Dislike to Join Like Feature Adding a New Element of Being Social

Facebook will be launching a new feature, or button which will give users a new element of being social. Executives at the billion dollar company swear the intent for the new Facebook Dislike feature isn’t intended to be what most of us would...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 16th, 2015
Nexus Protect Could Be a New Google Product Protection Plan Launched on September 29th

Reference to “Nexus Protect” has been spotted all over the Google Play Store which leads many of us to believe a new product protection plan is in the works. The reference surrounds a requirement the Big G has if you plan on purchasing one...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 14th, 2015
Android Pay Now Available, US Release Date September 28th

Google’s new mobile payment option was just made available a couple of days ago in most markets worldwide as the transformation from Google Wallet to Android Pay is getting rave reviews. Those sporting an Android smartphone with built in NFC...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 14th, 2015
Google Teases All with the Upcoming Android Pay Launch into Google Play

Google’s answer to Apple Pay is almost here as the first sight of the launch was spotted on Google Play. The teaser which is noticed when opening the Google Pay application suggesting it will be available for download in the next couple of...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 6th, 2015