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Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date Rumors Suggest Late 2016 for China, US, UK, India, and More

Xiaomi has been looking at other markets and have become very successful since launching devices outside of China. Persistent rumors suggesting an expansion into the US, UK, and other larger markets starts with the upcoming launch of the Xiaomi...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 23rd, 2015
Xiaomi Mi 4c Launch Official for $204 Sporting 5" Display and Qualcomm 808 SoC

After weeks of speculating the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 4c is finally here as the official unveiling this morning shows us all we need to know. At first sight, the Mi 4c has a striking resemblance to the Mi 4i which was launched in India a short...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 22nd, 2015
Xiaomi Mi 4c Preorders Start September 22nd, Shipping October 3rd

The stage has been set for the debut of Xiaomi’s newest handset as the moment that many have been waiting for on the Mi 4c is almost here. The Xiaomi Mi 4c looks somewhat comparable to the Mi 4i which was only launched in India with slightly...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 18th, 2015
It's Official; Xiaomi Mi 4c Unveiling September 22nd in 2 and 3GB Models

Xiaomi has just made it official, and it seems like the new Mi 4c will be unveiled in less than a week. The Xiaomi Mi 4c will be the latest installment from the Chinese start-up and will be made official during the press conference on September...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 16th, 2015
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Sells More than 1.5 Million Since it's August Launch

Since Xiaomi entered the market some four years ago, they have helped completely change the idea of smartphones. The market was once dominated by the most expensive handsets which signified the highest-end devices, but now, it’s not all about...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 14th, 2015