The stage has been set for the debut of Xiaomi’s newest handset as the moment that many have been waiting for on the Mi 4c is almost here. The Xiaomi Mi 4c looks somewhat comparable to the Mi 4i which was only launched in India with slightly better specs.

We’re fully expecting to see the official announcement on the Mi 4c on September 22nd with preorders starting right after. Xiaomi Mi 4c preorders are expected to be very popular, and may be the only way to get in on the new handset before it’s too late.

Xiaomi Mi 4c Preorders Start September 22nd, Shipping October 3rd

With a limited supply expected to launch in China and no word on if and when it’ll debut in other markets should have Chinese consumers not waiting long at all. We do expect the Mi 4c will debut in India which could come as early as late November of this year.

Xiaomi Mi 4c preorders will start shipping on October 3rd, and due to the limited supply those waiting for the official release date may be out of luck. There will be two variants including a 2GB RAM model featuring 16GB of native storage and a 4GB RAM model with 64GB. The 2GB model is expected to sell for $220-235 with no word on the price for the 4GB RAM model.

You can see the full details on the Xiaomi Mi 4c in this full-length preview.