Xiaomi’s flash sales are just that, they come and go in an instant. The latest lasted seconds before the Xiaomi Mi 6 completely sold-out which has become the norm with previous launches. In case you missed it, Xiaomi recently announced their latest flagship called the Mi6 which just opened up sales for the black model only.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 Flash-Sale was the first with the 2nd just announced for May 5th. Next Friday starting at 10 AM local time you’ll be able to pick up the Mi6, but you’ll have to hurry as it’s not expected to last much longer before it sells out again.

1st Xiaomi Mi 6 Flash-Sale Sells With Another Slated for May 5th

When Xiaomi made the official announcement for the Mi 6, they revealed the colors which will include silver ceramic, blue, white, silver, and black. Nothing has been made official as to which colors would be seen in the May 5th Xiaomi Mi 6 flash sale, and we probably won’t know this until the sale actually starts.

We do know the Mi 6 will be available in two versions including a 64 GB model for RMB 2499 and slightly more for the 128 GB model at RMB 2899. The ceramic model will get most of the attention, and will be priced accordingly at RMB 2999, or just under $340.

In case you’re still on the fence, the Xiaomi Mi 6 specs will include an LCD display at 5.15-inches, Qualcomm’s 835 Snapdragon, 3,350 mAh battery, dual camera 12-MP camera, and a fingerprint scanner. At nearly 1/2 the price of competitors, you knew something would be left out which is a headphone jack which doesn’t appeal to everyone.