There was a time when smartwatches were the wave of the future, but as we progressed quite a few years that wave is now here. Smartwatches have a lot to do with what we do and how we do it, but efficiency and being connected to the mobile era coincides with what our peripherals can ultimately do. By now, virtually everyone has a smartphone, but there are only so many people who truly understand what a smartwatch can do.

One of the latest which was just released is the ZTE Quartz. Boasting a price tag which comes in at the middle of the pack, we fully expected it to be comparable with others priced around $200. After our hands-on it took us no time at all that this watch is well below the average, and one that’s significantly over-priced.

5 Reasons the ZTE Quartz is a Below Average SmartWatch

Below, we detail 5 reasons the ZTE Quartz smartwatch is one you won’t want to buy, which comes in well below the average when comparing it with other smartwatches in its price range.

  1. No NFC – NFC allows you to connect your smartwatch with your smartphone and other peripherals which have NFC support. In the eyes of most, this is a necessary component of smartwatches, at least one’s that are somewhat advanced.
  2. Uncomfortable, cheap feeling strap – Watches were meant to be comfortable and this is no difference with smartwatches. The Quartz is outfitted with a thick rubber strap that is far from comfortable and resembles something more like a watch for children.
  3. Lacking a heart rate monitor – while heart rate monitors and other health related sensors are not the most sought after features, they have somewhat become standard in most smartwatches. For those looking to be more proactive with their health or into fitness, the ZTE Quartz is lacking in this department.
  4. No 4G LTE Connectivity – Does not offer 4G LTE connectivity, enough said
  5. Face is thick and bulky – At first sight, the Quartz is thicker than some and bulkier than most. A smaller, more modern design would have been a welcomed addition which would have taken some of the focus off the cheaply designed band.

For around $200, you can definitely find a better Android Wear smartwatch that offers better support, connectivity and a better design. The Quartz isn’t all bad, but it’s definitely far from good.