Virtual Reality gaming is becoming quite popular and with integration with some of the hottest new smartphones it will only become hotter. The Samsung Gear VR has seen a few changes since being released and with the updated 2017 version this has never been better. Sammy added a few new concepts which is certain to extend the functionality and take us into the next generation of gaming.

The 2017 version which is free for those who pick up the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus and it’s stunning infinity screen improves the overall idea of VR. Below, we detail 5 ways Samsung improved the updated 2017 Gear VR which is certain to bring in a new breed of gamers.

5 Ways Samsung Improved the Updated 2017 Gear VR

  1. The controller is the single biggest improvement with the 2017 Gear VR. This peripheral is included with the Galaxy S8 if you pre-ordered or purchase early which now fully immerses you into the virtual reality world. The controller is very comfortable, lightweight ergonomic and has superb controls.
  2. Smother Virtual Reality experience – much of this we can thank the controller, but the visuals alone are greatly improved. Better control options with the controller makes the gaming experience feel more natural.
  3. Highly detailed visuals with smoother frame rates – Graphics and smoother frame rates have been noticed which also helped speed up the virtual reality experience. The graphics and immersion into real-life situations are taken to the next level with this updated model.
  4. Supports previous Gear VR games – Backwards compatibility is one of the biggest problems with upgrading systems, but not in this case. Previous generation Gear VR games are supported on the 2017 model, glitch free.
  5. Sci-Fi design unchanged – for some, this may be a deterrent, but for those who liked the sci-fi design of the previous Gear VR models will appreciate the same look. The black color is slightly darker, but otherwise, the design itself is unchanged.