Acer made quite a few announcements at today’s Next Acer Event with numerous products ranging from a camera based smartphone to desktop computers. Some of the products gave us a glimpse into things to come while others left us guessing just a bit more. A couple of the biggest announcements were entirely new concepts which gave us a glimpse into some emerging technological innovations.

The Acer Leap Ware was one of the biggest announcements. This fitness based smartwatch will be featured on Acer’s own operating system instead of Android and will be powered by a MediaTek processor. We’ll also see a MT2511  heart rate sensor which is something fitness enthusiasts will be looking for.

Acer Leap Ware and Holo 360 Announced Today Along with Other Tech Products

Leap Ware will launch in both the US and Canada before the end of July with a very budget friendly price of only $139. Not bad considering we’ll also see Corning Gorilla Glass on the face and it’ll be IPX7 rated which makes it water resistant. The Acer Liquid Life app will allow user to socially connect for sharing and competitive features.

Another product which peaked a lot of interest is the Acer Holo 360. Not much is known about the camera which also doubles as a smartphone with 4G connectivity other than it has a smaller screen which gives you viewing, sharing and phone options all without being connected wirelessly to another phone.