Google’s answer to Apple Pay is almost here as the first sight of the launch was spotted on Google Play. The teaser which is noticed when opening the Google Pay application suggesting it will be available for download in the next couple of weeks. The latest Android Pay teaser suggesting just about the same that we’ve been hearing for some time as early rumors suggested it would be available for users starting September 16th.

The timing of the speculated Android Pay launch comes as no surprise with the expected launch of Google’s Nexus 5 2015 model. The new Nexus is rumored to be made official by the end of the month and will make use of the new mobile payment option with an integrated fingerprint scanner.

Google Teases All with the Upcoming Android Pay Launch into Google Play

Android Pay is being marketed heavily and will give Android based users the ability to conveniently and securely check-out using their smartphone if it NFC enabled. Apple’s mobile payment option is increasing in popularity which is what Google’s intending with the re-branding of Google Pay > Android Pay.

To give users the peace of mind with online security, credit card account numbers will be seen as virtual account numbers. This means that no personal information is given to merchants or retailers which is much more secure than conventional shopping.

There’s also no worrying if your handset is lost or stolen as you can quickly locate your smartphone using the Android Device Manager where you can easily locate, lock your phone, or choose to reset it completely.

With the launch of Android Pay changing the way of mobile payments within Google will change significantly. Android’s app will be used exclusively for handling real-time payments while Google Wallet will be used for handling money transfers.

You check out the teaser in action by accessing the Google Wallet download through Google’s Play Store.