Google’s new mobile payment option was just made available a couple of days ago in most markets worldwide as the transformation from Google Wallet to Android Pay is getting rave reviews. Those sporting an Android smartphone with built in NFC can take advantage of the mobile features of Android Pay which adds a unique element to checking out that Apple doesn’t have.

Users who have Google Wallet already installed and update their software to the new Android Pay and take full advantage of the new features. Many markets throughout Asia and Europe can update or download and install right now, but the US Android Pay release date won’t be until September 28th.

Android Pay Now Available, US Release Date September 28th

From this point forward, new smartphones running at least Android 4.4 with built in NFC will have Android Pay pre-installed, and those without it currently can download and install it for free from the Google Play Store.

Currently, Apple Pay has been in control of the mobile payment market, but with Google’s new payment option it’s expected to become much more popular. One of the biggest reasons is that retailers can use Android Pay without NFC due to the compatibility with their current magnetic based swipe technology that is seen in retailers today. Apple’s mobile technology requires retailers to have NFC technology which requires most retailers to update their systems.

Google’s new Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system will be compatible with a phone that has a built in fingerprint scanner. This will make mobile payments even more secure, faster, and convenient which is the current trend and direction of mobile payments. Those rocking an Android handset without a fingerprint scanner will be able to complete mobile payment transactions with a pin, password, or security pattern.