For those in China and India looking for one of the best-selling smartphones of all-time and at a great price will appreciate the upcoming launch of the Apple iPhone 5s. The decision to introduce the 5s in emerging markets will help maintain the luster that Apple has created in these markets who have since turned to more budget minded smartphones.

Consumers have appreciated Apple smartphones over the years, but with the emergence of many start-ups Apple Inc has had a hard time maintaining due to fierce competition. The return of the 5s will come in the 8 GB model only, and rumors on the launch price has it coming in around $400-$450 USD. This equates to about 2540 Yen or Rs. 26,000 which is somewhat comparable with high quality, more budget minded smartphones.

Apple iPhone 5s Coming China and India December 2015, 2800 Yen and Rs. 29,000

The China and India iPhone 5s launch is expected to become very popular with consumers in similar markets due to the high quality specs, and of course the price. With the recent announcement on the upcoming iPhone 6s that will be priced significantly more, it’ll be interesting to see how the 6s and 6s Plus is regarded in the same markets.

The iPhone 5s is the last Apple smartphone to sport the smaller 4” display with the cheaper, plastic iPhone 5c being a thing of the past. There have been plenty of rumors on a plastic version that could be called the iPhone 6c which may launch early next year, but is believed to feature a slightly larger, 4.5” screen.