To say that Apple’s been busy as of late would be a true understatement as we’ve recently seen the debut of the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and the new iOS 9 operating system. There are huge enhancements seen in the latest operating system which will bring out the very best in all Apple products including smartphones, tablets, and more.

We’ve finally had time since the launch of Apple’s new operating system yesterday to determine the best features of iOS 9 which include an enhanced SIRI, more battery life added to both iPads and iPhones, and much more. When installing the new operating system, you’ll first notice you don’t need a huge amount of memory as it’s significantly smaller than the current iOS 8. Coming in at a cool 1.3GB compared to 4.3GB of iOS 8, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time freeing up precious memory.

Best Features of Apple's ios 9 Include Enanced Siri, 3 Hours More Battery Life, and Much More

iOS 9 significantly improves the productivity of the new platform. Split View works with both the iPad Mini 4 and Apple’s iPad Air 2. Split View is just that, it allows you to open up two different apps side by side which splits the viewing space allowing you to completely interact with both apps. Slide Over is another new iOS 9 feature which interfaces with map clients and allows you to minimize one map while looking at another.

Another one of the best iOS 9 features is a significant improvement in battery life. With some devices you will see an increase of up to 3 more hours. The Low Power Mode features helps extend your battery life while preserving power that is essentially not needed, and allows you to get the most life, and ultimately time for what is needed.

Siri also gets an upgrade and an accompanying search option that is now located to the bottom left of your screen. The search option gives you a quick reference to some of your most used contacts making it easier, and faster to get connected with who matters the most.

In iOS 9, Siri can now reference any date in an email and notify and place in your calendar of any upcoming events. This advanced notification system works well with appointments to flight schedules and can automatically interface with mapping software giving you timeframes, best routes, and even tell you any delays that can be expected.

These are only some of the amazing features of iOS9, and we’ll be updating you with much more very soon.