For a smartphone manufacturer that has made a living for introducing budget friendly handsets for US consumers, the newly launched BLU Pure XL is everything but. For most, at least those who have become familiar with BLU’s sub $200 price, this premium handset will offer much more for $350.

The BLU Pure XL price is comparable with mid-range smartphones, but sports flagship type specs which concerned many when the phones concept was initially revealed. Most are saying the new handset rivals that close to anything we’ve ever seen including smartphones from all of the biggest players including Apple, Samsung, LG, and more.

BLU Pure XL Bring Premium Specs, and a $350 Price Tag

If you’re looking for a traditional BLU smartphone, the Pure XL isn’t it, but if you’re looking for a premium handset for a lower than traditional price than it is. Out of the box, the first thing that’s impossible not to notice is the amazing display. Sporting a 6” Super Amoled IPS screen which brings out the clarity and amazing colors seen in anything viewable.

Underneath it all lies a 2.0Ghz MediaTek Helio X10 processor which is comparable in speed with its Qualcomm counterparts. You’ll also find 3GB RAM, 64GB internal memory, expandable memory adding an additional 64GB, 3500 mAh battery, and dual SIM support. The latest version of Lollipop is pre-installed with talk about a Marshmallow update in the near future.

The BLU Pure XL gives you plenty of bang for your buck, and if you’re looking for a flagship device that comes fully unlocked than it’s something definitely worth considering. It comes in three color options including black, gold and, silver with the gold color option expected to be the best-seller.