OnePlus 3 owners just got something smile about as a new HydrogenOS update was just released significantly improving Bluetooth. Bluetooth has become a sort of necessary function with mobile technology and has become a standard features in most flagship smartphones. The recent update gives support for aptX and aptX HD which means better quality streaming.

AptX support will be seen more in future updates of Android as it has been spotted in the upcoming Android O operating system. It’s also been spotted in both versions of the Galaxy S8  where users have said boasts superior Bluetooth quality.

Bluetooth Improved on the OnePlus 3 After a New HydrogenOS Update

The HydrogenOS update is only available for the OnePlus 3 for the moment where it will be of primary interest to Chinese users. HydrogenOS boasts unique features including a new launcher and other Chinese apps that aren’t seen in the OxygenOS seen in other markets.

Those in the US will recognize Hydrogen, although, the OnePlus 3 is not available, only older OnePlus handsets.

If you’ve got the option for the HydrogenOS version 12 update, you can check out the official OnePlus forums to get the new beta installed.