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Meizu MX6 Review - Specs, Features, and Price

When it comes to smartphones, we always have multiple options. Sometimes we don’t have high budget but we want to get a phone that has higher specifications such as Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8. In such a case, you can always get the same phone...

By Scott Baxter on Aug 27th, 2017
Meizu Pro 5 Review; Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date Confirmed

After months of speculation, the day is finally here as the official unveiling of the Meizu Pro 5 details all we need to know. This morning marks the launch of Meizu’s high-end handset as much of what we’ve been speculating has been confirmed....

By Scott Baxter on Sep 23rd, 2015
Meizu Pro 5 Launch September 23rd, with Flyme 4.5 Despite Early Rumors Suggesting Otherwise

It seems like Meizu’s new flagship will be featuring Flyme 4.5 after-all despite early rumors suggesting it wouldn’t. The new leaks surprises us all as the latest version of Flyme was thought to become an OTA install well after the launch....

By Scott Baxter on Sep 20th, 2015
Meizu Pro 5 Official Unveiling September 23rd, Rumored Specs Include a 5.8" Display, 4GB RAM, and 20 MP Camera

We’ve been waiting for the official unveiling of Meizu’s newest premium model handset, and it looks like it’ll be here this time next week. Expected to be made official during the press event on September 23rd is the Meizu Pro 5 which...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 17th, 2015
Meizu Pro 5 Specs Include 5.5" 2K Display, 21 MP Rear Camera with 3 and 4GB RAM Model

Meizu has quietly become one of the premiere manufacturers of smartphones, and with their recent pledge of launching higher quality handsets will debut the new Pro smartphone lineup. The Meizu Pro 5 will be the first handset to debut and will...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 13th, 2015