The market for budget friendly smartphones is really getting flooded in this highly competitive market, but finding one for under $50 isn’t. Enter the new Coolpad Rogue which was just made official which sports an impressive lineup of specs, and significantly less than the rest of the competition.

Coolpad just announced the Rogue which will be priced to sell at only $49.99 and is expected to be launched by T-Mobile here in the US. The Coolpad Rogue release date is set for September 30th and is expected to become a popular option for those looking quality Android handset.

Coolpad Rogue Official Sporting a 4.0" Display and Sub $50 Price Tag From T-Mobile Starting September 30th

Out of the box, the Rogue will feature a 4.0 WVGA display with a 800 x 480 resolution, Qualcomm 1.1GHz dual-core processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB onboard memory, and expandable with a micro SD card slot. The Rogue will also feature Android 5.1 pre-installed and have a 2MP primary and .3MP secondary camera.

The T-Mobile Coolpad Rogue release will be both in-store and online and again, will be a quality handset for less than $50 bucks. This is a great option as either a replacement, children, or those just looking for some mobile Android features and not wanting to mortgage the farm to get it.