Facebook will be launching a new feature, or button which will give users a new element of being social. Executives at the billion dollar company swear the intent for the new Facebook Dislike feature isn’t intended to be what most of us would assume it to be.

The Facebook dislike button will join the like button and is expected to make its debut very soon. At first sight, most of us would assume the dislike button would be used to show our true feelings of just that, disliking something. On the other hand, Facebook executives suggest the premise is everything but, and should be used to show sympathy and other empathetic feelings that are impossible to be achieved by the traditional Facebook Like button.

Facebook Dislike to Join Like Feature Adding a New Element of Being Social

The interaction would be noted as the same as the traditional like feature, and is intended to show a form of support for something posted that’s sad or upsetting. With the idea that “liking” the idea of losing a job or a death in the family, the sympathetic dislike feature makes much more sense.

Many of us fear this isn’t exactly what users will be using the new feature for. Other social media sites such as Reddit have a similar feature that has since turned into an approval and disapproval forum. The FB executive hopes this won’t become more of the same, and emphatically states it should not be used as a form of disrespect or harassment.

While I’m certain there are some people out there that will see the true meaning behind the new dislike button, but there are probably many more out there that won’t. Only time will tell, but this could truly change the element of the being a friendly and positive social media platform that Facebook has become known for over the years.

What are your thoughts, and what will your intentions be with the new Facebook dislike feature?