One of the biggest problems with the internet is something that Google intends on cracking down on so only real-news will be offered. The internet is an open-source platform meaning anyone can post anything, anytime, and without oversight to check the validity. This is all going to chance as Google announced changes will occur to their search algorithms to improve which will help mitigate fake news or other misleading content.

According to a recent poll, more than .25% of content through Google’s search results were either misleading, irrelevant or fake. According to a statement from Google, they have made “algorithmic updates to surface more authoritative content”, which is expect to start showing in search results in the coming months.

Google Improves Algorithms To Omit Fake News from Search Results

This will certainly help readers get the information they’re truly looking for, but more importantly, accurate information.

Over the years, we’ve seen numerous algorithm changes to Google’s search results with the intent on improving the user experience which have helped strengthen websites like us and have impacted websites known for sending out low quality content.

Google’s update comes just weeks after Facebook did the same. Facebook News Feed provides tips to users in 14 different countries on how to spot fake news and find real, relevant stories.