There has been a lot of speculation on the next flagship due to be launched by HTC called either the A9 or Aero, but new information suggests it will be the first smartphone to feature Android 6.0. The latest rumors comes as sort of a surprise, especially considering Google will certainly be debuting Marshmallow in its own lineup of Nexus handsets that are expected to be unveiled on the same day.

The latest rumors on the official announcement for the HTC A9 or Aero looks to be September 29th also which will prove to be a huge day for Android enthusiasts. With Google’s dual launch of Nexus smartphones with one manufactured by LG and the other Huawei due to be made unveiled the same day, the announcements on the 29th will have all of us standing-by.

HTC A9 Aero Unveiling September 29th Featuring Android 6.0 Marshmallow Pre-Installed

Much of the specs of the HTC A9 or HTC Aero isn’t exactly a surprise as it will feature a MediaTek Helio SoC, 5.2” QHD display, 3500 mAh battery, and 4GB RAM. The high end specs will be reminiscent of what HTC is looking to do with upcoming releases which minimizes the rumors the Taiwanese manufacturer is looking to get out of launching flagship type smartphones in the future.

If the unveiling does come on the 29th, this doesn’t exactly mean the release date will be anytime soon. We’re hearing HTC intends on waiting until sometime in November to make sure Marshmallow is up to par and to assure there are no glitches that typically comes with no operating systems.

As of now, there’s no official word on the price, but we can expect a launch price to be in the area of $650 here in the US.