It was thought the upcoming HTC One A9 was going to be another flagship, but with the leaks coming in on the specs it doesn’t look like it. New leaks coming in suggest the One A9 will be a mid-range handset and is expected to be made official in a couple of weeks. HTC has one more announcement with their upcoming smartwatch that will be featured on Android Wear.

The HTC One A9 specs are rumored to include a 5” Super Amoled display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920. The handset will sport a Snapdragon 617 processor instead of the Qualcomm 808 SoC which was originally rumored.

HTC One A9 and HTC Smartwatch to be Unveiled September 29th

The A9, or HTC one Aero wil boast 2GB RAM along, 16GB internal memory, and expandable memory with an optional micro SD card slot. Optical image stabilization along with a 13MP rear camera and 4MP selfie camera will be found on the front. The all-metal design will resemble the HTC One M9 flagship which was launched earlier in the year.

The official specs should be provided during the September 29th unveiling along with HTC’s new smartwatch. As of this time, the name for the smartwatch is still unknown, but it’s believed to feature a 360 x 360 screen resolution. It’s also said to feature a round display which dispels some of the earlier rumors which suggested it would feature more of a square or rectangular design.

September 29th will be a huge day in the tech industry as Google is also expected to unveil LG’s and Huawei’s new Nexus handsets the same day. We’ll bring you all the official details on both the HTC One A9 smartphone and new smartwatch as soon as their revealed after the announcement.