The Huawei Watch was first spotted in the Google Play Store during the 1st week in September, but those who preordered had to wait until the new smartwatch started shipping today. Those looking to pick up the new smartwatch can do so as of now and take immediate delivery through many retailers including the Google Play Store, Amazon, and many other online and conventional retailers.

Picking up the new smartwatch from Huawei directly may be your best option right now as they are offering the most options. Huawei direct is selling the popular rose colored, stainless steel, and many other color variants. Amazon is also offering a couple of choices including the stainless steel model and featured with a black band, blank band, and steel link band.

Huawei Watch Launch Official, Preorders and Retail Sales Start Today

Huawei’s smartwatch is expected to directly compete with the new Samsung Gear S2 which is expected to launch here in the US on October 2nd. The Gear S2 has something the Huawei Watch doesn’t have which is standalone functionality with 3G compatibility.

Just in case you missed it the first time, the Huawei Watch specs include a 1.4” Amoled display, 512 MB RAM, Qualcomm processor clocked at 1.2GHz, 4GB memory, and a 300 mAh battery. The price of the Huawei Watch is slightly more than competitors with a launch price ranging between $349 and $400 depending on the band options.