This year’s hottest smartphone has already been released in many global markets including the US, Canada and the UK, but those in India will have to wait just a bit longer. We’ve finally received word that both versions of the S8 will be available to consumer May 5th with Samsung Pay becoming a huge focus.

Samsung Pay and the Galaxy S8 along with the 6.4-inch version have made huge strides throughout the world, and now that Samsung’s own mobile payment gateway is now available in India expect their new flagships to become outfitted with everything you need.

India Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Launching May 5th Along Outfitted with Samsung Pay

India Galaxy S8 and S8+ Release Date and Price

The May 5th launch date of the India Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will join numerous other devices already powering Samsung’s mobile payment option. The launch price for the 5.8-inch S8 will come in at Rs. 62,600 while the + sized model will be priced at  Rs. 69,000.

Which Samsung Smartphones in India Can Be Used with Samsung Pay?

The following handhelds already feature Samsung Pay in India with many more to come:

  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 edge
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Galaxy A7
  • Galaxy A7 (2017)
  • Galaxy A5 (2017)
  • Galaxy A5 (2016)

The Gear 3 has already been confirmed to feature the same, but no official date as of yet.

Which Credit Cards in India Support Samsung Pay?

Not all credit cards in India support Samsung Pay, but most of the common one’s do. The following can be used right now with more right now:

  • American Express
  • Axis Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • HDFC
  • SBI
  • Standard Chartered

Security of India Samsung Pay with Fingerprint and Eye Sensing Technology

Samsung has taken security to a whole new level with use of a fingerprint scanner and eye sensing technology. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are both outfitted with an iris scanner which will offer you the best security, but fingerprint scanners and pin ID’s which have become a sort of industry standard are also secure.

Eye sensing technology is the wave of the future and will soon replace fingerprint technology seen in most flagships. The ability to synchronize your Samsung Pay account to your own eye is second to none and provides the most security with mobile payments.

The security is provided by Samsung’s Knox platform which authentiates your iris, fingerprint or pin ID which then transmits your personal information using tokenization. Tokenization is used to substitute your credit card number with an identifier which is unique which provides an extra layer of security as your credit information is never transmitted.

Where to use India Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay in India can be used at most retailers as long as they accept credit card payments. Most terminals are set up to accept MST payments which is much more secure than NFC. Other mobile payment gateways such as Android Pay which will become available in India and Apple Pay rely on NFC which is yet another advantage to Samsung’s option.

Most terminals throughout India have already been upgraded to accept MST payments while the same has yet to be done for NFC support. As of now, the service is only available for physical in-store purchases, but in-time will be available for online purchases in India.

For more, feel free to check out the Samsung Pay India official website for up to date info.