Lenovo’s latest handset was just spotted in a benchmark test, and we have the latest details on what you’ll be seeing. Despite the early rumors of a 5” display, the Lenovo Vibe X3 will feature a much larger 5.5” display. The Chinese manufacturer has become well-known in their maiden country due to offering higher end models, at lower end prices.

The Lenovo Vibe X3 already received it’s TENNA certification which means it could be announced anytime now, with a China launch expected sooner rather than later. Lenovo has become very popular throughout Asia, and their newest handset is sporting some pretty impressive specs.

Lenovo Vibe X3 Featuring a 5.5" Display, Qualcomm 808 SoC, and 3GB RAM

Aside from the 5.5” display, we’ll also see a Snapdragon Qualcomm 808 SoC. This means an Adreno 418 hexa-core CPU will be seen along with 3GB RAM. There’s no word on the other specs of the Vibe X3, but we’re speculating on seeing a mid-range handset.

As of now, there’s no official word on the price or release date in China and if the Vibe X3 will make its way to India, but we’re fully expecting it will. Codenamed the Lenovo X3a40 during the Geekbench walkthrough, many are drawing many similarities between another mid-range handset which is expected to be announced by Meizu in a couple of days.