With less than four months to go before we see the official LG G Flex 3 unveiling, we’re getting plenty of details on what expected it the new flagship. It looks like LG is going all in based on what we’re hearing, and it seems consumers are getting exactly what they’re asking for.

The G Flex 2 is still one of the best-selling flagships on the market, and the huge changes in-store in the new LG G Flex 3 specs looks be so much better. Rumors suggest the 3rd generation model will feature a full 6” QHD with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. While impressive, the display of the G Flex 2 was somewhat disappointing.

LG G Flex 3 Specs Include QHD 6" Display, Qualcomm 820 SoC, and 4GB RAM

We’re hearing the new Snapdragon Qualcomm 820 SoC will be powering the handset which is expected to become the high-end processor found in many upcoming flagships. The 820 processor has already been seen in many benchmark tests, and side-by-side with Qualcomm’s 810 and 808 SoC there’s no comparison.

4GB RAM, fingerprint scanner, 17MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, 3200 mAh battery, and expandable memory are all expected. With a launch price for the US launch expected to be in the $650-$700 range, it will be priced significantly less than other flagships launching the same year such as the Galaxy S7, LG G5, iPhone 7.

It doesn’t look like we’ll have to wait much longer to hear something official as all the details are expected out of next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With a release worldwide expected to be sometime in March of 2016, it’ll be interesting to see if the LG G Flex 3 specs are able to compete Samsung’s G7, LG’s G5, and Apples iPhone 7.