McAfee has made quite a name for themselves for internet security and has become a synonymous name throughout the tech world. A recent announcement by the founder of McAfee came today which puts their talents into uncharted territory, or at least, one that McAfee has yet to venture.

Just this week, the flashy and flamboyant John McAfee announced a smartphone that will be intended to give users total privacy as it’s being regarded as a handset that’s completely hack-proof. The handset has been made official as the John McAfee Privacy Phone and it’ll cost you $1100 to see what it’s about.

McAfee to Launch the John McAfee Privacy Phone for $1100 Late 2017 that's Completely Hack-Proof

The John McAfee Privacy Phone will be available on Google’s Android operating system, but there’s still no word on what’s inside. It looks like the official specs won’t be announced until just before the launch which won’t happen until late 2017. At this price, we hope to see flagship type specs as McAfee will have a hard time selling an $1100 smartphone to consumers based on marketing privacy alone.

The Privacy Phone won’t be the first handset to be marketed as totally secure as we’ve seen others including a BlackBerry and a few other failed experiments. McAfee himself is quite confident in the success of the Privacy Phone, so much that he’s already announced plans for a follow-up model which is already in the works to launch in 2018.

There will definitely be plenty of consumers who may be interested, especially business minded and enterprise consumers. When we consider the dependency we all have on our phones and all the information that’s stored in the palm of our hands and the concept that McAfee stands-for, it’ll gain quite a bit of attention.

The biggest question is, will you be willing to pay $1100 for a smartphone if you get unparalleled security? Why not tell us below.