A new firmware update was just spotted rolling out to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book and is the second wave of updates bringing forth brand new features. The update promises to give users an overall better experience while improving performance, efficiency, reliability and compatibility.

The most noticeable improvements for the Surface Book include updates to the Realtek High Definition Audio that’s built right-in. This will have the biggest effect on the speech recognition for Cortana making the virtual assistant much more reliable.

Microsoft Surface 4 and Surface Book Firmware Update Now Available

Those sporting a Surface Book will also see changes to the Intel Smart Sound Technology. These updates are expected to improve video playback along with a slew of other features which are all noted in Microsoft’s release announcement.

Both the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book will also receive updates for those who have downloaded the Creators Update. If this is you, there will also be firmware updates in the latest Windows update which is now available.

You can manually check for the update by simply following the pathway below:

Start and select Settings > Update & security > Windows Update – and then hitting the “Check for Updates” tab to install. Of course, don’t forget to back your information before installing any updates.