LG has always been full of surprises, but the latest LG G6 Mini rumors is not one of them. The latest leaks out of South Korea comes as no surprise as the tech giant has become well-known for introducing multiple variants of their new flagships. The latest word suggest LG will be releasing a mini version of the LG G6 which recently debuted around the world.

The rumors on the LG G6 Mini suggests we’ll see a slightly smaller display coming in at 5.4-inches compared to the 5.6-inch LG G6. Size may not matter, but with smaller screens we usually see a smaller aspect ratio which doesn’t sound to be the case.

New LG G6 Mini Rumors Sports a 5.4-Inch Display to Launch June 2017

It sounds like the G6 Mini will remain the same as the G6 with a display ratio of 18:9. Of course, none of this has yet to be confirmed by LG, but it makes sense considering we’ve seen smaller versions of previous LG flagships with a smaller display and price. We’re likely to see a smaller processor which will reduce the cost of the Mini even more which is likely to be better compared to a mid-range smartphone than a flagship model.

As of now, there’s no word on the actual release date, but June 2017 is the most likely. If the LG G6 Mini does launch, we’re likely to see it in markets throughout Asia, but North American markets such as the US and Canada are highly unlikely.

We’ll keep you updated, but for now, why not tell us your thoughts below.