Those rocking one of the 2nd generation OnePlus handsets are starting to see the new Oxygen 2.1.0 operating system as it has been seen rolling out as of today. So far, only a limited amount of OnePlus 2 owners have spotted the update, but it’s expected to hit many more over the next couple of days.

The OnePlus 2 Oxygen 2.1.0 update brings with it many camera enhancements, support for 3rd party apps, and much more which is proving to be a very resourceful update for consumers. The update brings the OnePlus2 operating system up to the latest version which was previously noted as 2.0.2.

OnePlus 2 Oxygen 2.1.0 Rollout Begins Today Bringing Photo Enhancements, 3rd Party App Support, and More

The Oxygen operating system update brings forth a new manual mode which improves the picture experience for users. Manual mode is just that, it adds a user controlled option which makes for a much better control on specifically pictures are taken. Another new feature the update fixes many glitches and bugs that were hindering many of the top 3rd party apps from working properly.

So far, we’ve nothing but good things about the OnePlus 2 Oxygen 2.1.0 release as it improves on an already amazing smartphone. The 2nd gen model is already improved over the 1st generation handset, and any update from here on will be a welcomed addition for OnePlus fans like us.