This time of the year is typically packed with new launches in the tech industry with OnePlus looking to jump on the bandwagon with their upcoming launch of their newest flagship. We’re hearing reports of the OnePlus 5 looks to launch in two of the world’s largest markets in July of 2017 and will sport a dual camera system.

According to reports, the OnePlus 5 will become available in both China and India and will be revealed during the summer which is likely to set up a launch in both markets before the end of July. Of course, this has yet to be confirmed, but is pretty consistent with the annual launch cycle we’ve grown accustomed to.

OnePlus 5 Launching in China and India in July 2017 Sporting Dual Camera System

New renders have been leaked showing up the OnePlus 5 design which incorporates a dual camera system on the rear and a brushed aluminum outer body. The brushed design is something we’ve seen from OnePlus in the 3T and is something that fans are hoping will return.

If you’re wondering what happened to the OnePlus 4, it’s not likely we’ll see the 4 at all. The #4 is sort of a superstition with Asian cultures, most noticeably in China which is typically skipped with tech manufacturers throughout the region.

The modern look of the OnePlus 5 is sure to spark huge interest, but not as much as the dual camera system. All the other guys are doing it including Xiaomi with the Mi6 and Huawei with the P9 and P10. It sounds like OnePlus will be will take it a step further with the 5 which is believed to have better low-light capabilities for improved still photography and cinematography alike.