A new update was just launched giving Google Home a personalized responsive giving it an edge over Amazon Echo. The update which was just announced a couple days ago gives users a personalized response by name when someone says something like, “OK Google, how’s the weather?” Google Home’s response would then be, “It will be 85-degrees with a 30% chance of rain, Scott.”

The personalized responses will go well beyond weather inquiries as it’ll be fully functional with other features including music playlists, shopping suggestions, alerts, traffic, and much more. These personalized responses can be toggled through the Google Home App while accessing your own preferences.

Personalized Response Gives Google Home an Edge Over Amazon Echo

As of now, the Google Home is only available to US consumers, but over the coming months those in the UK will get a taste of personalization. The personalization is done through speech recognition and can be used with other Google Home peripherals throughout the house.

You can easily set up the device for shared account use which only takes a few seconds to complete.

Google is hoping the new Home app update will help them with their biggest competitor, the Amazon Echo. Before the new update, Echo is definitely the better choice, but doesn’t have the personalization options that Google Home now has which is something that will definitely appeal to users.