Samsung’s intentions of launching a foldable smartphone in 2016, and now it seems like it’ll be revealed sooner rather than later. Tipped as Project V, or Project Valley, the foldable concept is said to be mid to high-range smartphone and will be revealed during Q1 of this coming year. It’s said the new concept is currently being tested with numerous leaks on what’s onboard.

The patent was filed more than a year ago, so we know the foldable concept is on its way. Samsung has openly stated their intentions which wouldn’t be the first Samsung foldable smartphone as the 2016 release of the Samsung’s Galaxy Round introduced the foldable concept. Since scrapping the Galaxy Round concept and moving to the Galaxy Edge concept, the foldable smartphone looks to be returning sometime early next year.

Project V Tipped as Samsung's Foldable Smartphone to Launch Q1 2016

The Samsung Project V smartphone is said to being tested with both a Qualcomm 620 and the new Qualcomm 820 SoC. It would be nice to see the 820, but this would mean it won’t be launched until later during the 1st quarter or earlier 2nd quarter. The 820 SoC is nearing the final stages of production, but won’t be ready for being mass produced in smartphones until March or so of next year.

We’re also hearing Project V will feature at least 3GB RAM, boast a non-removable battery, and micro SD card slot. It will also sport a full metal body and an OLED display that will feature a full HD resolution. As of now, there’s no word on the size of the Samsung foldable Project Valley smartphone, but rumors suggest it will be at least 5.7 inches.

Hopefully, Sammy doesn’t keep us waiting much longer as the anticipation of an entirely new smartphone concept has us wanting to see more. Until then, we’ll keep you updated.