Since GoPro was released there has been no other singular gadget that has revolutionized what we do outdoors. The enigmatic sports camera series has made great strides since the introduction of the original GoPro which has helped take extreme sports to a whole new level. Now, as we enjoy the GoPro Hero 5 Black there’s one more reason to pick up this year’s top rated sports and action camera.

We all know that all models of GoPro has built in camera stabilization, but there’s no replacing the superior stabilization of mechanical devices. This is where the REMOVU S1 comes into play, and since it was just released no too many people know about it. For GoPro enthusiasts, this 3-axis gimbal is a must have for those looking ridiculously steady outdoor imagery.

REMOVU S1 Provides Superior Stabilization for the GoPro Hero 5

While the GoPro Hero 5 Black offers electronic image stabilization built-in, it’s far inferior to the mechanical stabilization the REMOVE S1 offers. This is irreplaceable and is compatible with other models including the GoPro Hero 3/3+, Hero 4, Hero 5.

What is the REMOVU S1 and What Exactly Does it Do?

The REMOVU S1 can be mounted with or without the grip making it possible to your chest or helmet. Giving you much more versatility and better stabilization it allows you to capture any imagery without any motion detected. Some of the highlight features of the S1 include:

  • Bluetooth remote control included
  • Design that’s rain-proof
  • Optional with removable batteries
  • Charging cradle with a micro USB connection

You can purchase the REMOVU S1 or GoPro Hero 5 Black from Amazon and get free 2-day shipping.