Apple has already announced the iPad Pro and its intended release date is scheduled for November, but much of the specs have been a mystery. What we do know is the new Apple iPad Pro will sport a 12.9” display that looks absolutely gorgeous when comparing it to other larger tablets. The newer iPad once again is getting huge consumer interest despite not knowing much of what’s underneath it all.

The Apple iPad Pro specs are still unknown, but a recent leak shows us it should be coming with 4GB RAM. According to a post that was spotted on Adobe for a few days, then mysteriously edited to exclude the amount of RAM leads to a whole lot of speculation. We do know it will come with the lightning fast A9x 64-bit chipset. Also, the new Apple Pencil which was made specifically for the iPad Pro is believed to be super responsive and reacts to position, force, and tilt.

Rumors; Apple iPad Pro Specs Include 12.9 Display and 4GB RAM

Much is the same mystery with the RAM of the iPhone 6s which is one of the biggest unknowns of the upcoming launch. Both the 6s and 6s Plus were just announced and will be available for retail purchase starting September 25th. Preorders are already underway in most markets worldwide with many retailers reporting that even preorders are already sold out.

The iPad Pro is expected to get more attention as we get closer to the November 2015 release date. We’re expecting something official from Apple on a specific date which most are speculating the announcement will come during the 2nd week  in November.