LG’s trend of introducing something more spectacular than the previous model will once again with the 2016 launch of the LG G5. The G5 is looking to continue what the G4 brought forth as demonstrating the Korean manufacturer can once again deliver. With consumers already looking forward to the 5th generation model and we have all the details on things to come.

New rumors on the LG G5 release date suggests it will launch worldwide in June of 2016. With an official unveiling expected to come mid-May, larger markets such as Korea, US, Japan, UK, Germany, and Canada will be among the first to see the new handset. The G5 will be the second LG flagship launched in 2016 with the G Flex 3 launching months earlier in March.

LG G5 Release Date June 2016 Featuring Android 6.0 Preinstalled

LG is expected to release multiple variants of the G5 including bringing back the leather back variants which have become so popular with the LG G4. Aside from leather, US carriers are also expected to have unique color options including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T.

One of the latest LG G5 rumors is on the operating system which will come preinstalled. It’s looking like Google’s newest OS, Marshmallow will be featured out of the box. Android 6.0 is first launching on the new Google Nexus handsets this October and will begin rolling out 6.0 to smartphones later this year.

This will be a big difference with the Lollipop rollout which was significantly later than expected due to many unexpected glitches and bugs which was noted in 5.0. Android 5.1 fixed the early problems, but didn’t become available for most flagships until months into 2015.