Amazon hasn’t become one of the biggest names in mobile technology for no apparent reason, and with the Echo they have raised the bar on virtual home assistants. Echo has helped create the concept of a home assistant that virtually does everything, and now we’re hearing a new model is on the way which will offer a built-in screen.

The new Echo model is rumored to launch in June 2017. The new model will join Amazon Echo Look which was just announced which fully extends the functionality of a home virtual assistant with a built-in camera.

Rumors on a New Amazon Echo with a Screen Launching June 2017

As of now, Echo is the top-selling home virtual assistant, but things may change with Google announcing their version will be able to give personalized responses. Amazon is still the industry leader, but with Google hot on their heals with their responses from Google Home, we’re starting to see the gap become closer.

As of now, Amazon has yet to confirm anything on an Amazon Echo model with a built-in screen, but it wouldn’t surprise us one bit. We definitely want to know more including what the screen will actually do and what we’ll see next from the billion dollar online retailer.