The follow-up to one of Sammy’s best smartphones ever is set to debut as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus will be one of the best smartphones of 2017. The next coming to the S6 Edge Plus is drawing huge comparisons to the current model, but expect some defining differences including the size of the display, new and improved processor, and more RAM.

Early rumors on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus specs suggest it will be bigger than ever and is already drawing an interest from loyal Samsung and new consumers alike. The GS7 Edge Plus is expected to rival that of the iPhone 7 Plus which is expected to launch about a month later, but lacking the dual Edge controls.

Rumors; Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus Specs Include 5.8 Display, 5GB RAM, and 20MP Camera

The GS7 Edge Plus is rumored to be slightly larger than the current model while sporting a 5.8” QHD display. We’re hoping to see a true 4K resolution, although this is highly unlikely based on what we’re hearing so far.

Also rumored is a much faster processor with inconsistent if we’ll see Samsung’s own chipset, or more practical, probably an Exynos chipset. The RAM is also expected to be more at 5GB RAM compared to the 4GB seen in the GS6 Edge Plus.

With Samsung expected to launch the Galaxy S7 and GS7 Edge in April of 2016, it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the GS7 Plus. With a release date expected to be announced during the summer, one things for certain is the premium price tag that’ll certainly be attached. For now, you can check out all there is to know in this in-depth Galaxy S7 Edge Plus preview.