Gear VR has slowly become one of the most popular home virtual reality systems, and Samsung intends on making it even bigger. Facial expressions, at least one’s own has yet to be seen in VR gaming, but Sammy will be introducing FaceSense technology which will make it all possible.

FaceSense tech will add a whole new dimension to Gear VR which will allow users to add their own facial expressions into their own experience. This new technology will track the users own expressions which will customize helping navigate through their own virtual reality world.

Samsung to Use FaceSense Technology to Add Own Facial Expressions to Gear VR

This new technology has yet to be seen in other VR headsets as Samsung hopes it will give them a competitive edge with others such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The following was posted on Samsung tomorrow which is t

Whenever we speak, change our expression or shift our gaze, our faces generate electric signals.

“FaceSense recognises and translates these biometric signals into input for navigation, allowing users to maneuver through VR worlds with intuitive movements and simple voice commands, rather than reaching for out-of-sight physical controls.

No official time-frame has been made public by Samsung on FaceSense, but we know if it’s made it this far then it’s only a matter of time.