With Marshmallow making its debut in a couple of weeks on the new Nexus handsets by LG and Huawei, many people are already looking for the Android 6.0 update to become available for other handsets. Samsung will be looking to have the update ready for many of its handset much earlier than the 5.0 rollout earlier this year.

As is the case with previous Android operating system updates, Google debuts it for their own lineup before making its way to other manufacturer’s smartphones. The same will be true with Marshmallow as Samsung’s flagships including the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Plus, and Galaxy Note 5 will be receiving Android 5.0 during the 1st quarter of next year.

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Plus, and Note 4 Android 6.0 Update Expected 1st Quarter 2016

We’re already hearing that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 6.0 update will be one of Sammy’s first updates which are expected to rollout before the S7 launches early Q2 of next year. There are plenty of rumors to suggest otherwise as the Galaxy S7 may be launched either January or February of next year due to many production changes over at Samsung.

The new initiative looks to produce smartphones much faster with the ability to make changes in the handset at specific modules instead at the end of production. Ultimately, this could cut the production time down by months which are where the early rumors on the early Q1 2016 Galaxy S7 release date rumors are coming from.

If the S7 launches earlier than expected, it will likely come pre-installed with Lollipop, but if the launch comes during Q2 as expected it is likely to come with 6.0 out of the box. With Samsung looking to have their own tweaks to Marshmallow, it’s likely to make its way to the S6, S6 Plus, and Note 5 much earlier than expected.

Understand that once Samsung releases the Android 6.0 update, it then goes to carriers which make the rollout carrier specific. Cell carriers then make the necessary changes to assure a smooth rollout free from any glitches which is something we’re all hopeful of seeing.

We’ll update you with the official Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S Android 5.0 update as soon as we get more.