Over the years, the relationship between Samsung and Google has become much better, and with the latest partnership consumers will see a huge benefit. With Samsung recently launching the Galaxy S8, those who pick one up with get 3 months of Google Play for free.

There’s been evidence of a partnership between two of the biggest names in mobile technology with Google Play Music being the default music provider in the Galaxy S7. Now, users who buy the GS8 will be able to enjoy three months of Google Play which includes an upload limit of 100,000 songs to the cloud which is double the upload limit of Samsung’s own music service.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Owners Get 3 Months Google Play Free

The three months of free service will be extended to those who purchase either the S8 or S8 Plus. Google has also said they will be expanding their support to Samsung exclusive services such as Bixby which is Samsung’s own virtual assistant. Bixby is believed to become one of the most popular features which will find its way into many of Google’s services.

Samsung Bixby is a revolutionary AI assistant is expected to make it easier to get around the phone. With this being said, phones are becoming more feature rich and complex which is where AI assistants make it easier to navigate.

Bixby will support a slew of other features to include Bixby Home, Bixby Reminder, and Bixby Voice with more on the way.