Leaks out of South Korea suggest a new technology is being worked on for new screen technology which is believed to be finished around the New Year. If these rumors are true, then we could see a new screen technology as early as the Galaxy S9 which is said to be 4 curved edges

The new screen technology has been in the works for awhile now and we were hoping it would be ready for the Galaxy Note 8, but unfortunately we’ll have to wait just a bit longer. The S9 is believed to launch worldwide Q1 of 2019, and innovational changes will definitely be seen.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Display - 4 Curved Edges Courtesy of LG

New reports have just come in suggestions Sammy has been working on some new panels which will become the focal point in the Galaxy S9 concept. With Samsung’s technology with displays and after their huge success with the display in the Galaxy S8, reinventing the S9 with something new is a foregone conclusion.

It appears we’re going to see new technology built into the screen of the S9 consisting of a curved display with four rounded corners. This true-edge-to-edge concept was only a matter of time, but the surprising part is that Samsung’s not the only innovator with LG inspiring the same.

Both Samsung and LG have become two of the top manufacturers in screens which makes the most sense with quad curved displays which could be seen as early as next year. Huawei is another who dabbled with curved displays, but they’re a ways off from expanding into quad edge displays.

It looks like we’ll have to wait until 2018 until the Galaxy S8 and LG G7 are officially announced which will put two of the best manufacturers on the worlds largest stage.