Samsung executives have already confirmed the Galaxy Note 8 will be back, but they’ve yet to confirm any of the specs we’ll see. This leaves a lot to the imagination as your team has built quite a reputation on what could happen versus what’s most likely to happen. With that being said, everyone knows Samsung intends on invigorating the Note series as a means of bringing back some of the most loyal consumers, and it’ll take something truly innovative to make it all possible.

A 4K Galaxy Note 8 display makes the most sense and coincides with some of the latest leaks out of South Korea. With Samsung intent on boosting the Gear VR which is something consumers have been asking for, the one thing that’s missing is 4K resolution to truly create an immersive virtual reality experience.

Samsung Looking to Make the Most of a 4K Galaxy Note 8 and Gear VR

We’ve been hearing a lot about a UHD resolution being packed into the Note 8 concept which will look amazing on a bigger, 6.2-inch screen. 4K resolution will make a noticeable difference with the Gear VR experience which will eliminate much of the screen door effect seen on lower resolution displays.

Some analysts believe 4K smartphone displays is just too much, but they also concede that it’s needed to get the full effect of virtual reality, watching movies, or playing other games. Sony does a great job with their 4K smartphones that which offers lower resolutions in the same phones dependent on the app, game, or personal preference.

Besides a 4K display, the Galaxy Note 8 is also rumored to sport either a 6.2-inch or 6.4-inch display. The S Pen will definitely be back which has become a trademark in the Note series and it’s also believed we’ll see dual rear cameras among a slew of new features.

We don’t expect to see something official out of Samsung until late August which will certainly setup a worldwide launch sometime in September.