One of the biggest features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the iris scanner which will become a focal point of mobile payment options as we move through the year. The scanner is used for much more than locking and unlocking your handset which is what the South Korean tech giant hopes will become a huge concept with other features hidden inside.

Both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + are outfitted with eye sensing technology which replaces the fingerprint scanner which has become a sort of standard feature in smartphones. The upgraded technology makes your handset much more secure and pushes the envelope in mobile payment options.

Samsung to Make a Huge Push for Mobile Payments with the Iris Scanner on the Galaxy S8

When Sammy upgraded their flagships to include facial recognition and an iris scanner, most consumers have yet to realize the full potential. Expect this to change as most of us believe mobile payment options such as Samsung Pay becoming a focal point in their mobile concept.

No one really knows where this will bring us on the international market, but there is also evidence of this in South Korea. Samsung Pay is making its way to many retailers throughout the country with many more expected throughout the year.

We’ll keep you updated and we’ll let you know when Samsung Pay becomes available in your locale.