For about a week, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 went from launch to the top rated and most revered smartphone on the market, but ended when it went up in flames. Since the original release, there was another failed attempt to release it once again, but as you all know, it ended up in the same fate. ‘

Now, we’ve just learned Samsung will be re-launching the Galaxy Note 7 by the end of this June and will be priced $250 less than the original model. The Note 7 re-launch for 2017 will likely be called the Note 7R and will be a refurbished model instead of brand new.

Samsung Bringing Back the Galaxy Note 7 in June, Likely Called the Note 7R

The Galaxy Note 7R won’t be launched in all markets around the world, in-fact, we’re not even sure if it’ll make it out of Asia. The 7R was just seen passing certification which was confirmed by a report from Samsung’s home country, South Korea.

There will be a change with the Galaxy Note 7r which will come standard with a smaller battery of 3000 mAh. This makes the sense considering the larger battery of the Note 7 was responsible for the fire that brewed which is the reason for the much smaller battery. The rest of the specs will remain unchanged.

Samsung intends on re-launching about 10% of the Note 7’s which still remain which totals upwards of 4 million. We know the Note 7R will launch in South Korea for about 700,000 won , but no confirmation has been made as to which other markets will see it.