To say the Samsung Galaxy S8 did everything right would be an overstatement, but they were as close to perfect as you can get. One of the biggest disappointments is something we’ve grown accustomed to which is somewhat surprising considering consumer interest. In this day in age, our phones are our lifeline and having a good set of speakers packed in would have been a pleasant surprise.

Samsung Nixed Stereo Speakers in the Galaxy S8, Again

Stereo speakers are among the top features which seemed to have been nixed from the Galaxy S8 concept along with a fingerprint scanner, dual cameras, and more RAM. The speakers were a surprise as consumers took to the web after it went missing from the Galaxy S7 which left most of us to believe they would likely return in the S8.

When looking at the S8, it would be difficult to fit a nice set of front-facing speakers with the lack of real estate and when faced with either a bezelless display or speakers, we concede which one we would rather have. In a day when mobile technology is compared to what we have in our hands, we’re facing a reality with an infinity display that is the future of the Galaxy S series.

Many consumers won’t even know the difference, but there are others who believe stereo sound is the only way to hear audio from our phones. When it comes to functionality, the infinity display is on the wishlist of more consumers, but what about stereo speakers  beneath the screen?

Rumors are out that the Galaxy Note 8 will return later this year and will feature some of the things the S8 is lacking. Stereo speakers being one of them which is rumored to be a mono speaker mounted on the front with Harman being the most logical manufacturer. Samsung bought out Harman for 8 million dollars last year which is helping fuel the latest speculation.