New Samsung rumors on a new smartphone concept are beginning to heat up confirming what the Korean manufacturer had already hinted on earlier in the year. Samsung publicly stated that a foldable smartphone would be coming in 2016, but little information has been offered on what’s specifically coming. Earlier in the year, we learned Sammy had filed a new patent on the foldable concept, and new leaks suggests it’ll be launched next year.

The leaks suggest the foldable Samsung smartphone is already in the works, and could debut as early as Q3 of 2016. It’s believed to feature that opens and closes by a divided spring mechanism. The display is said to be two screens that users will have the option of making them independent of each other or one larger screen.

Samsung Rumors On a Foldable Smartphone Launching in 2016

The Super Amoled display could will be completely bendable and doesn’t exactly sound like anything radicle as it resembles more like one of the original smartphone concepts. Samsung isn’t the only manufacturer said to be launching true foldable smartphones in 2016 as LG has publicly stated the same.

Not much is known on the specs and features, but we’re expecting a handset that could feature 3 to 4GB RAM. We’re also hearing the foldable Samsung smartphone is likely to feature either the Qualcomm 620 SoC or brand new Qualcomm 820 SoC which is expected to be unveiled later this year.

Despite early Samsung rumors suggesting the foldable concept would be featured in one of their current flagships, it’s looking like a new series will be launched all-together. It’ll be interesting to see just how consumers take the old school looking handset, especially sitting next to the Galaxy Edge concept that has gained a lot popularity.