Samsung has been pretty consistent with its one per year smartphone launch cycle, if they stick to it once again we should see the debut of the Galaxy Note Edge 2 later this year. This idea has spawned a lot of speculation on a follow-up to the promising smartphone concept that spawned the Galaxy S6 Edge concept on a November release, but new Samsung rumors uncovered suggests something totally different.

The popularity of the Samsung Edge concept has created one of the best looking phones this year. The S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus are two of the hottest phones right now, and are both expected to be contenders for best smartphone of 2015. This in-itself seems to have replaced the original concept which leads us into the latest Samsung rumors that suggest the Note Edge concept won’t debut this year, or at all.

New Samsung Rumors Suggest the Galaxy Note Edge 2 will Not Launch this Year

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 rumors tells us the concept has been replaced with the S6 Edge concept which seems to be the best marketing option for Sammy. With Samsung looking to further maintain their own right with one of the best all-time smartphone lineups, adding the Edge concept to the Galaxy S series is certainly doing just that.

Another possibility is that a Note Edge 2 concept will be slightly bigger than the S6 Edge Plus. Rumors out there suggest the 2nd gen model could be as big as 6” and unlike the original, will be launched in markets worldwide.

As of now, no one knows other than Samsung executives which Samsung rumors to believe, but many of us are still holding onto hope for a late October to early November launch of the Galaxy Note Edge 2. It’ll only be a matter of time, but it would sure make a great addition wrapped up with a pretty red bow underneath the tree just in time for the holidays.