Following the footsteps of Apple, it seems like Samsung is looking into launching their own smartphone lease program before the end of the year. Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program has become very successful in a very short time offering consumers an incentified program to buy from Apple direct.

The presumed Samsung smartphone lease program sounds like it’ll be similar to Apple’s program while trying to entice consumers into buying directly from Sammy. Smartphone manufacturers loose out a lot of money while cell carriers make a pretty good penny selling handsets directly to consumers which is something the Korean manufacturer wants to get in on.

Samsung Smartphone Lease Program for US Consumers Expected to Launch Late 2016

Apple offers an incentive to consumers here that carriers don’t offer as Apple Care+ adds product protection/replacement for free. Buying from Apple direct also gives people the freedom to choose between carriers as purchases are not tied down to one carrier or another.

As of this time, there are no official launch details on any lease program for Samsung smartphones, but it’s sounding like something could be heard by the end of 2015. The launch of Sammy’s lease program could be timed for next year’s launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge which are expected late Q1 to early Q2 of 2016.