Apple has done a great job in securing who, when, and where their latest tech product the Apple Watch launches as there have been a limited amount of places to pick one up since becoming available to consumers months ago. Here in the US, carriers have yet to offer Apple’s latest product, but now it seems that two of the four top carriers finally have a release date.

The much anticipated US Apple Watch release date is about to get a whole less exclusive as both T-Mobile and Sprint are about to make their presence known. New rumors suggesting that both T-Mobile and Sprint will start selling the Apple Watch September 25th with no word as of yet on the other two, Verizon and AT&T.

Sprint and T-Mobile Apple Watch Release Date September 25th

There has been a lot of speculation suggesting Apple Inc has been limiting the availability due to a lack of availability due to huge consumer demand, and low supply. Now, months after the launch here in the states, US carriers will join the Apple Store and Best Buy as some of the few locations you can pick one up.

The price through both carriers seem to be the same as what the price is if buying directly through Apple. The following prices are what’s expected through both T-Mobile and Sprint:

  • $349 – 38mm Sport
  • $399 – 42mm Sport
  • $549 – 38mm Steel
  • $599 – 42mm Steel

The limited availability has also been seen in many markets worldwide as the Apple Watch is just now arriving in other markets including Austria, Ireland, Denmark with the UK, Germany, and Australia not far behind.