Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially when that free stuff means getting a 100% free Samsung Galaxy S8. Sprint along with the other top carriers in the US have just released the Galaxy S8 for retail sales, but there’s only one carrier that decided to go with a BOGO free offer that’ll be hard to resist.

If you’re out of contract of have the ability to switch carriers, there’s no better time than the present to choose Sprint. Sprint is now offering a buy one get one free when you purchase a Galaxy S8 on lease for $31.25 per month.

Sprint Has the Best Deal on the Samsung Galaxy S8 - Buy One Get One Free

The Sprint offer is also good if you chose the Galaxy Forever plan which allows you to upgrade after 12-months of payments which will be just in time for the next Galaxy smartphone. This BOGO free offer is only for a limited time which is April 21st and ends promptly April 27th.

Over the past couple of years, Sprint has had some tremendous deals including the slash the price campaign. You remember the commercials which slashed the price of your current carrier in half which has helped Sprint become one of the top carriers nationwide. While their service may not be as good as Verizon, there’s no doubt there value is.

If you’re still thinking about it, Sprint also gives you 100% unlimited plans which includes data, talk and text for only $50. This too is a great value as other carriers are far more expensive, not to mention the current Galaxy S8 buy one get one promotion.

You can see more and check out the official offer on Sprint’s official website.