The 1st quarter numbers are finally in and T-Mobile confirmed they added more than 1 million customers so far in 2017. The Q1 statistics are astounding considering the best has yet to come as they’ve been more than aggressive with marketing stealing numerous customers from most noticeably Verizon and AT&T.

The numbers are only expected to go up, especially when T-Mobile starts moving customers over to their 600MHz spectrum later this year. The 600MHz spectrum costs $8 billion to acquire so you can bet T-Mobile’s got huge plans in the future.

T-Mobile Added 1 Million More Customers in Q1 2017, Looks to Add More with its 600MHz Spectrum

The future is expected to be as early as this summer, just in time for Samsung to introduce the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung and T-Mobile both are expected to market the 600MHz spectrum just before the launch which will likely bring in more customers residing in more of a rural area.

The Galaxy Note 8 won’t be the only flagship this year to be introduced on the newer cell technology with ideas the upcoming LG V30 will also see 600MHz. Others are sure to follow which will surely give a boost to their marketing efforts which will inevitably steal a few more from the other carriers.

600MHz technology will provide a better outreach with coverage as the air waves travel farther than traditional means. Low-band spectrum is the system that AT&T and Verizon use so expect to see T-Mobile make a huge push in areas where low-band coverage is weak and lacking.