The initiatives by one of the four largest cell carriers in the US has paid huge dividends through Q1 of 2017 as T-Mobile has been able to gain more than 1.1 million customers. Most of which were probably faithfuls from other carriers such as Sprint, Verizon and AT&T which helped give T-Mobile more than a 10% boost in sales.

T-Mobile is one of the top carriers in the US, and in recent years we’ve seen stiff marketing campaigns by each which have given consumers plenty of reasons to switch. The most recent promotion includes 2 lines of truly unlimited including talk, text and data for only $100 which includes all taxes and any other annoying fees. The same promo can be used for up to 4 lines which comes to only $160/month, and all fees and taxes included.

T-Mobile Gains More than 1.1 Million Customers in Q1 2017

With some of their current marketing campaigns, T-Mobile has been able to capture almost 250% of the smartphone industry growth. In one of the biggest acquisition of consumers in recent years, they show no sign of slowing down with some of the recent deals.

They also just acquired a new 600MHz spectrum which will greatly improve their network coverage. Verizon is rated as one of the top coverage areas in the continental US which T-Mobile is closing in on.